Balancing upright robot

So after thinking a lot about the choices for my next robot I decided against the various flying bots (though the idea of sending my chihuahua up in a mid-size quad copter with a flight suit and goggles was great!) and that I’d go with the upright humanoid style robots. Namely because I’d like something I can take to events to show off, and because I figure with the amount of time I’ll have to work on it a outdoor only flying bot would be next to impossible to ever get off the ground. So the next step is size. I’m planning to build a small balancer to test my algorithms to start, but I believe I want to go with a 4 or 5 foot tall final size with 2 arms and a pivotable mid-section so it can actually pickup/place things on the floor. I figure this will allow for in general all movement I could want to program in. Some potential goals for this include having the bot perform functions as a mill, a drink fetcher/refiller etc. Ideas? comments?

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