Shadowmite’s HTC Incredible review

So I got my HTC Incredible today, a little after I woke up to a text message from iHTC saying “Did you get yours yet!?!?”. I of course immediately went to open and get it charging. First notes from that experience:

1. The charge port being on the side really sucks. Micro-usb might be acceptable if that’s the way things are going as long as the port can take the stresses; but with the port on the side it’s GOING to cause board damage if you try to talk on the phone while charging… Just wait and see.

2. The battery appears to be identical to the TP2 and Hero batteries, while being 200mah LESS! Not sure whats the deal on that one, but I figure the spares I still have will work great with it and potentially last longer than it’s stock battery. jbh00jh points out that the Imagio battery works as well.

Upon using it, I have to say “wow!”. It’s extremely fast, and finally feels like it’s running the way the OS was designed to run. If this was everyone’s first impression of Android I think it would be even bigger than it is now.

The camera I have to say is “Incredible”. This thing is worthy finally of being used as a quick field digital camera. Granted the optics could be better, but it’s nice. And the cpu is powerful enough to make it “feel” like a real digi-cam via the viewfinder preview display.

So far I haven’t found anything else to really say about it’s running, I’m sure in time I’ll have other comments on that. As for the physical phone itself, it’s light. Almost too light. And feels potentially cheap as a result. The backing is clip on instead of slide on. I’m not certain if it’ll hold up better/worse as a result, time will tell. The 2GB microSD is a nice welcome bonus, but nothing I needed and have been added to my stash. Let us know how you feel about the phone!

For more details, check out NCX’s review here.

Update: It appears someone awhile back leaked the shipped RUU for the Incredible!

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