HELP! VX8350 to 700p ESN help?

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HELP! VX8350 to 700p ESN help?

Post by zadriel » Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:14 pm

Hey guys.

Here's the short of it. I carry a crappy 8350 cause thats what work pays for. The organization is too large to care about thinking out of the box. I need to know how to modify a 700p I own to replace the 8350. I cannot call verizon as they won't do anything without passwords. BUT, I'd like to replace this 8350 for a while on the same number and account as my 700p. Is there a way to simply change the ESN on my 700p to what my 8350 is? And just keep one phone on all the time? IF I ever have to give the 8350 back, I'll just trash the 700p so the network will never know I have a phone with the same esn. Of course if you guys can help and I undrestand it well enough, it WOULD be nice if I knew how to put the old ESN back on the 700p and then I could activate it later on my own.

I hope its clear what I'm trying to do. Basically I think (after an entire day on the net!) that I need to find the ESN on my 8350 and perhaps another number? authentication code or something? Then put that somehow on m 700p. So that the network thinks my 700p is the same phone I"ve been carrying and sends all calls to that line.

PLEASE HELP! I'M A NEWBEE ON THIS and I am willing to send some cash or stuff to help out if someone can get this done for me.

Thanks a bunch.

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