Data Disappeared - Is Recovery at all Possible ?

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Data Disappeared - Is Recovery at all Possible ?

Post by daveny » Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:14 pm

I suppose this can apply for any Palm Treo - therefore asking anxiously here

Have an original unlocked Palm Treo 680 - I am running a third party Data Base Application called HandBase currently v. 4.1.0 from DDH software ( - I have been using it over the years across many Palm devices

Most recently I was using 2 databases making entries - I used them as recently as yesterday. I placed my Palm in the recharge cradle last night – this morning I tried to open one of the databases about 200K in size– and I saw it was missing, it seems to have disappeared. I turned off the Palm and then turned it back on and then a second database (not as critical) abot 60K disappeared as well. I have no idea why – I did not delete anything

All the other databases are still there and intact – I have not synched since about September 24th – so data is critical

Is it possible to recover the databases in any way (perhaps by a utility that can load on or connect to the Palm and undelete/unerase by changing an attribute - or is the Palm memory just that unstable that the data is not recoverable (I pray not)

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