Treo 700p Audio Jack Mod

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Treo 700p Audio Jack Mod

Post by frew » Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:18 am

Hello all,

I just got a treo 700p on ebay and it turns out (surprise surprise) that the audio jack was broken, so I couldn't talk to people on the phone. I figured that since it was broken anyway I might as well try to exchange the 2.5mm jack with a 3.5mm jack (see here: ... -jack.html) Of course that article was written for a treo 650, which might be different. So, I think I followed the directions just fine and ended up with a phone that has a 3.5mm jack with an unintended hardware switch. Note the diagram I have attached. The purple wire is the switch. When it's closed, the internal speaker works and the headphones do not, when it is open, the headphones work and the internal speaker does not. I was under the impression from the above linked to site that the treo would know electrically that there are headphones plugged in or not. Did I do something wrong? Any thoughts on this at all?

Thanks either way!

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