Newbie Question about carrier roms

Discussion of the 700p.


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Newbie Question about carrier roms

Post by meanngreen04 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:43 pm

Ok, I've started researching this treo 700p, and I'm wondering if this is possible.

I have a phone on nTelos network 700p. I want to leave it on there, but I want to move another 700p from verizon onto this network too. This carrier accepts esns from other carriers, so I'm fine there.

My question is, if I backed up the rom on the nTelos one would I then be able to install this on the Verizon one and have the exact same info, i.e. text, prl, etc.

If so, I'm guess that this cdmaupdater.exe or some file like that would be the solution? If not, what would be the solution.
I am assuming that if I do this, I can bypass building a crazy cable and going through qpst to move all the settings, etc.


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