Problems with Sprint Treo 650

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Problems with Sprint Treo 650

Post by lampdaddy » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:29 pm

I have a 659 for nearly 2 years and the first year was great. After that life with the 650 sucks. Sprint says they don't have anymore new phone to give me (equipment repair or replace) so I get a reconditioned one. The biggest problem is that reception can be fine one minute then cut off and get really garbelled. I know everyone has dropped calls but this has been an issue ever since I have been getting the recon phones. It will work for a minute perfect then the call gets bad. I know this is the phone and not the service since I had perfect service at work before. And, I recently got a recon that worked great for 3 weeks then started the same old reception issues.

Sorry for rambling but anyone have ideas that can help me?


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