Bluetooth File Sending/Palm OS "Send Menu" Disabled

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Bluetooth File Sending/Palm OS "Send Menu" Disabled

Post by Shorin » Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:50 pm

I finally got my Treo 650 as a result of a replacement-upgrade.

Now I'm pissed that Sprint (I think) seems to have disabled the "Send" menu in the OS... probably to prevent Bluetooth sending. It also means you can't attach stuff to Mail easily.... FileZ fails when you press Send on the menu with a no target error of some sort.

I have the latest rom (1.13a), but I haven't applied all the updates possible (none of them seem to relate to this issue, though). I haven't fooled with BT DUN... but the option is there. That's unrelated but I was just letting you know its a current rom.


A hack like shadowmite's BT DUN hack could be nice.
I'm a longtime hacker/developer myself, but my Palm development experiences have been brief and painful so far.

I hope that this feature wasn't disabled so that you'd have to buy frieken apps just to send stuff via BT...

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