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Ultimate Desktop - Advance Desktop + Standard Desktop

Post by roxass » Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:17 am

Hi frens I juz found out another cool theme released by project.ppc-theme.com

Its a full version..yes I'm so happy =D

Here is the screenshot of the theme


Installation and Usage:

- Download the files given below.

- Extract the file which you have downloaded from project.ppc-theme.com to your PC Desktop.

- Connect your PPC with PC via ActiveSync.

- Transfer the choosen .tsk theme to your Windows folder on your PPC.

- Transfer the .cab files to your PPC.

- Install the .cab file to device memory. Remember to do it at your own risk.

- After doing the installation, soft reset your PPC for maximize use.

- Change your today theme to one of the .tsk themes you have downloaded.

- Run the Wisbar Advance Desktop application, click and hold on an open area and choose theme manager (note that "Author Mode" must be active).

- Enter Desktop Theme, at the potrait tab choose "the black and the light" and at the landscape tab choose "the black and the light landscape". After that click ok.

- Now your today screen will look similar to the pictures above and you're done.

- Remember to make it in "full screen" mode.

- Some shortcuts that exist will most likely induce a "cannot find file" error when you click them.

This is normal, just click and hold on the icon and edit them to correct path through properties.

- This theme run fast because it doesn't need Wisbar Advance in using it.

- Most words in the theme have shortcuts when click on it.

- Set your own today plugin at the standard desktop, by clicking and holding on an open area and choose "new" and then choose "Today Plugin."

- You can put your photo at the box on the standard desktop, with the size of 300x200. Now, we have made it is easy to set your own pics. After creating picture with 300x200 size in .png extension, name it with "my photo.png". Put it in the following directory
Main memory: \Program Files\Lakeridge\Wisbar Advance Desktop\themes\
the black and the light by ppc-theme.com\photos\
Just overwrite it and you are done, for instance look at the screenshots above.

- Enjoy using The Black and The Light Theme.

For more information

go here : http://project.ppc-theme.com

For me I think this theme is quite perfect because it is..free =p

kiding hehe because I can change the desktop wallpaper easily..its cool =D

Please donate to them so that they can always give us free theme like this =)

Give your feedback also frens =D

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