new kitchen out for the modul 6800

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new kitchen out for the modul 6800

Post by jasonsmr » Thu May 15, 2008 2:00 am

Well first of all Hello this is my first post, but Im a long time lurker on this forum. Just thought Id post something new and interesting, since I just got this hardware and Its gonna get upgraded like my 6700 did before its funeral (still pending needs a new charger plug poor thing wore out and snapped). Well fatigue aside, went to alltel got this new modal and its looking fine I had one other chance to look at it a friends who had the win mobile upgrade, looked identical to the 6700 kitchen up that i just did. Well long story short the darn thing OTB came with an os resembling the old win mobile 5 so think id find that kitchen again,

there is a whole crop of custom OS's out there with the options set up for tweaking gurus aka US! so what are you waiting for. well the link Ill ref ya all to is:

well What I'm wondering is which ones are stable and which ones aren't which one has the best features etc. some contrasting ideas wouldn't hurt, like I believe a few people have GPS working on this as relates to Murph24's discussions.


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