HELP! kocoman or the likes.. 755p flashing solution(s)


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HELP! kocoman or the likes.. 755p flashing solution(s)

Post by infamousse » Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:29 am

Kocoman or the likes, I am sending out an SOS. I have read various threads at locations other than shadowmite, mobile forums, etc. I am able to flash the phone but this is as far as I get. The alt key does not bring up an option for debug and backup. Is there something I am doing wrong? Please advise. Kocoman, if you can walk me through this I may be able to trade services with you, such as website, hosting, etc. I have a 755p that needs to be flashed over to Boost mobile. Is there a more detailed and less confusing tutorial than the one located at 700p free esn solution? Also, is there a compiled zip file with the latest for this esn change? We should get together and rebuild this thing I am willing to retranslate in the best and step by step detail as possible. Let me know if someone can help me with this at your convenience. I am using the latest 1.07 release from Palm for use with Sprint.

Again, Kocoman and the likes help! I am reaching out to you guys. Thanks.

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