Stuck in "Network Search"

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Stuck in "Network Search"

Post by thetao » Fri Feb 22, 2008 4:34 pm

I posted the "Radio Dead" thread here roughly a month ago. I made several attempts at repair, but nothing helped. I was always met by a "CheckLowRiderDeviceVersion: does not start with part type set to dulPartMSysLow" message followed by checksum errors in the ROM files. I also tried Kocoman's 700p -> 755 upgrade, but in all cases what's apparently choking is RomUpdater.prc. Out of a little desperation I tried the official Palm updater again, and now I have a phone that's no longer rebooting, but stuck on "Network Search".

After doing a few more web searches, it seems I should try replacing the PRL file. But much of what I've seen relates to hacking foreign PRL's onto another phone. All I want to do (I suppose) is take a known good Sprint PRL and reinstall it on the Sprint phone. Note that with the phone stuck in a loop, most of the ## commands don't work, so there's not much chance for programming via the keypad. I found a bunch of PRL's at, but don't know if there's a way to convert these into .prc files. And what is the purpose of the defaultPRL.prc file in the Sprint archive? I tried copying it to RAM and it disappeared, but nothing changed.

Would somebody give me a brief outline of the simplest way to install a PRL file manually, or what I should be doing at this point? Thanks!

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Re: Stuck in "Network Search"

Post by kocoman » Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:33 am

If its a Sprint network phone, just d/l the 755 or 700p updater for Sprint (SD card updater method), unzip/unrar it, and inside has CDMAUpdater.bprc (in a few nested directories), and the EnUS file, copy them with McFile to the RAM, run it, and pull down the menu, press debug, uncheck ALL expect the "PRL update", then press ok, then press the "update".
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