DONE: Manually updating ROM from Verizon/Alltel/etc to Sprin

Discussion of the 700p.


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Post by kocoman » Tue Jun 05, 2007 1:36 pm

Ok. I was reading the blog from the 680 custom rom (why the mac homepage of the person's blog is down).. anyways

brahma, torino, ventura (ace, angus).

I find out that ace is for 650, while VENTURA is for 700.................

So to convert ANY provider into Sprint.. (or custom rom)
without waiting for the political "carrier approval".. here is how to do it....
But it will say "Roaming".. how to get rid of that I need to figure out too..

1) save backup of your NVRAM!! use the CDMAUpdater... see above
2) d/l and unzip the file into \ROM
3) copy the Romupdater into RAM...

Check if it says "Hardware: DVT"!!!! DO NOT USE IF IT SAYS EVT2,EVT5 or EVT5A you need a different IPL!!!! I will make those files later)

4) Plug in battery charger/make sure 100% charge
5) run romupdater, then type "ventura" with SD card inserted.
It will say like:

from file: 36...
From Flash: fe..

token: HRST
DeleteToken Success!
token: Nohr
DeleteToken Success!

The device will automatically reboot after flashing rom

flasing section...

The LOGO of your phone will not change, because it doesn't change the CC-Cap section (another time I will figure out how to do it)

How did I get the zip file? just use the T3.jar (but with a little bit modification...) and Grack's romtool..

Joined:Sat Oct 21, 2006 7:15 am

Post by kocoman » Tue Jun 05, 2007 1:51 pm


See the In Progress thread ... p?t=144697
I hope someone with good thinking skills to write up the howto...

Successfully converted Telus -> Sprint
Radio Rom version: 187 (IIRC)

Restore the NV backup if your phone is stuck at the "network search"
if its stuck at the "phone logo" you need to use the CDMA DBG bootloader and run a nverase...
PLEASE backup the NV first.. see the thread

Please post results: Update CDMA modem or not....

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