Is it possible to somehow save this radio firmware before fl

Discussion of the 700p.


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Post by Shadowmite » Sat May 26, 2007 7:32 am

I never played with the 700p's bootloader much, but I do know that on the 650 I was able to extract memory from the radio bootloader with the same mw commands. You could try reading it that way provided you can get linked to it.

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Post by kocoman » Sun May 27, 2007 4:14 am

what is the erasefat command in the normal bootloader?

So the normal bootloader can't access the radio memory right?
So if I try in the CDMA/radio bootloader, I can access the radio memory?

I think in the CDMA DBG bootloader, I keep on dumping only the radio bootloader with mw command.

These are the strings from the mw command in the radio bootloader/my messy notes: (typed by myself so there would be some mistakes)

HTCS, Qualcomm, Copyright 1998-2004 High Tech Computer Corporation, ROM Failed, Copyright 2003 by Qualcomm Incorporated, All rights reversed, help scm, Identify Intel Combo flash, Erase whole NV Item data, Flash test, Hendrix Baseband Bootloader v0.10, HTCS, HTCE

cdmar bl usb (boots from normal bootloader to radio bootloader with usb cable)

blck addr length (lock/unlock block)??

"l" responses with, "please specify a filename",
save file with "rrbmc", but says "wrong parameter"
checksm32 is the same as rchecksum
rwdata -> HCTS (F)?
rerase = erase part of flash?
rrmbc hi 60000 ffff (dumps radio bootloader)

If you reset your phone with the ##RTN, the SPC will work again (one time), while the MSL will always work.

But nobody is interested in hacking Palm anymore, all of them left Palm... The 755p, 700p is the last of the Palm.. next up is Linux....

How is the HA (Home Agent PW) made up??, I know the regular data password is my ESN in Decimal

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Post by LauraAmerica » Thu May 31, 2007 9:06 am

kocoman wrote:How is the HA (Home Agent PW) made up??, I know the regular data password is my ESN in Decimal
I had a table used to "make" or build the HA. It worked for my carrier. I'll look for it if you want :P

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