fascinating things in 700p nvram files

Discussion of the 700p.


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fascinating things in 700p nvram files

Post by qq » Fri May 18, 2007 2:54 am

I pulled most of the nvram files off my 700p while I was in there retrieving the MSL just out of principle.

In the "/rom_ui" directory there are a bunch of files named "file1" through "file10" - I have no idea what they are or how or if they can be invoked, but some brief investigation with "strings" and stuff leaves me convinced that at least some of them are UI apps of some type. (not palmOS)
There is BMP data (buttons?) and lots of juicy text strings such as
"GPS NMEA" and most of the names of the provisioning fields such as you'd normally edit with QPST - could this be a builtin UI for doing all that stuff?

Some random selections:
Answer Voice Setting Change Successful!
Enter CDMA PIN Code (Slot1)
Mode Preference
Band Preference
Roam Preference
Hybrid Preference
Acquistion Order Preference
Service Domain Preference
Network Select Preference
NAM #1
NAM #2
NAM #3
NAM #4
Save to SIM
UI Application
Guard now
Auto Answer


From file2:
Application privilege violation.
Application digital signature failure. (%d)
%s has been recalled and removed from your phone.
(??? wacky stuff. didn't know they could do that.)

Updating Sofware
BREW Suspended

Service Options:
Phone Model
Network Settings
SMS Settings
Slot Cycle Index
Security Code

Allow this network application to request your position location?

All very interesting. They don't seem have the magic numbers of any common exec format. I wonder if they are stuff from the 700w that just got left in the rom image or something. It'd sure be cool to be able to actually run them!


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Post by kocoman » Sat May 19, 2007 3:31 pm

Hi can anyone send me their ROM in RAW format? I want to compare if my rom has some differences in the phone.app...

Can you do a "strings" (linux/mac) command and post it here (on all the files on the nvram?) I would do it if I could access my nvram .. but something Telus did is not letting me go into passthrough mode.. I get error when bitpim runs AT+QCSDM

(These strings above can be found in the CDMAUpdater).. but still can't access BREW apps/bitpim/qpst..

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