off topic: which is faster pdanet or sprint wireless air car

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off topic: which is faster pdanet or sprint wireless air car

Post by treoneo » Fri Mar 11, 2005 11:30 am

A few questions:

Is surfing on my laptop going to be faster with a Sprint wireless air card oe with pdanet & usb cable?

WHich card is fastest (merlin CT01, Sierra Aircard550 or Sierra PC3300)?

If I buy a card outside of Sprint (ebay), can I just plug it in myself & program & activate (just using all the vision info from my Treo) it without calling Sprint thereby avoiding the high monthly fee of surfing with a card?

Also is this connection fast enough to use voip?

Can this be hacked?

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GSM Version of your answer coming soon

Post by jprall » Mon May 30, 2005 11:42 am

The junefabrics folks were kind enough to add edge support to
PDANet fo the GSM 650 and bump up the serial port speed.

I saw some improved results for sure.

I also have a UMTS card which is really handy, when it works, but the coverage is crap. Very Metro only. So i've ordered an aircard 775 which is an edge/gprs as the cool hspds/umts/edge/gprs combo cards aren't shipping yet. I'd rather have edge/gprs than a card that does umts/gprs as I'm likely to get edge more often when in fringe area than umts. Edge is close enough to UMTS to sacrifice a little speed for additional covereage.

With my 650 I get about 15-18KB/sec downloads using 3.2 refresh 2 of PDANet for GSM/edge. With the UMTS card I've seen download hover in the 25 and sometimes even 30KB/sec. Nothing near the claims, but who cares, they are way faster than dial up in either case. I tried that recently in a dire emergency. To think that Earthlink, AOL, PeoplePC, etc have millions of people that actually use dial up, really explains a lot of thigs about this country. But anyways.. I'll post the results the difference between edge/pdanet and a dedidcated edge card for the PC. I don't like giving up my phone when I want to get on the net.

Cool laptop around this concept are the new T series Vaio's from Sony with build it in edge cards. (80 bucks/month for unlimited data, kinda steep)

To answer your sprint question directly, if you can get on the EVDO program with sprint where you live, that is going to be the fastest option period. There are some funny hacks out there where people are running with dual evdo cards. One from Verizon and one from Sprint and really getting some fast net access. I in the SF Bay area are not in EVDO territory yet.

Gotta give props to sprint. With my sprint treo 600, and travelling all over the US I always had good coverage and good data access albiet at 1xRTT rates.. Still nice to have.

I had to switch to GSM because of travel to europe.


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