Move over mickey papillon..this junkie is checkin’ into some rehab

As some of those close to the shadowmite team know, I am a complete disaster when it comes to phones and mobile gadgets :P. I know it has been a while since my last posting, the matrix done stole me again! Well let me fill you in on this year’s insanity so far. Well first […]

Shadowmite’s HTC Incredible review

So I got my HTC Incredible today, a little after I woke up to a text message from iHTC saying “Did you get yours yet!?!?”. I of course immediately went to open and get it charging. First notes from that experience: 1. The charge port being on the side really sucks. Micro-usb might be acceptable […]

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Paying ETF’s and justifying them by phones!

So it appears I too fit into a new trend of geeks whereas we somehow justify paying a ETF fee on carriers in order to switch just to have some other new piece of tech early on. Is this the price we pay to be early adopters? Or is it a addiction? Perhaps Verizon’s $350 […]

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HTC Incredibile ..Verizon .. April 29th.. who can resist?

I certainly can’t! I’m sure i will be adding ┬áline or buying one outright on that glorious thursday morning or evening depending on the real job getting in the way and all. Basically its my nexus one with an optical trackpad, 8mp camera, and HTC sense UI on Verizon sweet enough for me. So who […]

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