HTC Announces Open Bootloader Policy

As of last night HTC posted on twitter and facebook that they intend to open up the bootloader for all future devices. It remains to be seen if this will be retroactive to current new devices and/or soon to be released (already designed) devices. Unrevoked may soon be obsoleted with respect to HTC at least […]

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HTC Incredible Dock

Finally, the trivial dock I really wanted for the phone, but no one was offering. It’s pretty trivial, but it’s perfect. It fits the phone in a normal case (the rubber ones or the seidio hard ones) and allows you to still plug it in etc. If anyone is interested, I could potentially be persuaded […]

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Shadowmite’s HTC Incredible review

So I got my HTC Incredible today, a little after I woke up to a text message from iHTC saying “Did you get yours yet!?!?”. I of course immediately went to open and get it charging. First notes from that experience: 1. The charge port being on the side really sucks. Micro-usb might be acceptable […]

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Palm’s sad situation and insane optimistic ideas

I’ll load up a picture from the Vex championship later, but wanted to give a bit of a rant on Palm’s state. It’s pretty sad to say that the company which practically invented smartdevices for all practical purposes has fallen to the level they have. They started out so great, and through the process of […]

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