Recovery reflash is out…

Well we released the tool here, and already today we are adding a new device to support, the HTC Aria. Again rooted via the same recovery adbd race they too can benefit from a easy way to get back in to flash roms at will. We will be adding a FAQ to the unrevoked site […]

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Incredible root!

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Evo root:

Check out our team’s release site:

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Android rooting status

Ok, so I haven’t updated on this in a while and figured I should. The exploit I was going after apparently didn’t exist, I missed the check which rendered that attack useless. The next attack is the fastboot vector mentions elsewhere on the web the last several days. However so far I don’t see where […]

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today’s work

Well I can now confirm that exploit is not going to work. HTC didn’t implement the normal patch, but they did properly close down on the memory space we can access with that hole thus making is pretty irrelevant. While there could be a way around this, it’s beyond me. What I did start looking […]

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Another update, another exploit

So it now appears I can execute SOME code, and I’m working to enlarge the hole now and pry our way in. I still have faith this exploit should work for us! I should note it doesn’t appear the update affects the kernel so you should be safe to take it. Furthermore the RUU’s from […]

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