Why Apple and the iPhone are still second in the smartphone market…

So I got a little bored with Android lately and decided to play with a iPhone 4 on verizon since I haven’t seen it yet. First impressions, I liked it, though it’s quite small. Thats not really a problem, I’m just ready for a 4 or 4.3″ screen since I’ve had a 3.7 for over […]

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The next iPhone

Apparently they investigated and found a lot of reasons to believe it IS the next iPhone, and certainly at the least a prototype. Furthermore, it appears apple wants it back: http://gizmodo.com/5520164/this-is-apples-next-iphone

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Shadowmite taking Steve’s side

So after thinking about it for quite some time I figured I should post a entry about my views on Adobe/Flash and Apple. While I agree Flash is certainly “The Tech to have” currently, it only is because they got to this point first and pushed/marketed it quite well. That said, HTML5 is of course […]

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Would you like to make that a large for a quarter more?

Ok so lets face it i have turned into somewhat of an apple fanboy until I get angry with them in a few months and sell all my apple gear again, then rinse, repeat. Now i am a little annoyed at them with their storage pricing, like the iphone why wouldn’t i double my space […]

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iPhone 4G? Leaked Images?

Over at engadget they have some leaked images of what could be the iphoneHD iphone 4G or whatever they will call it. Give us your thoughts, i know i can’t resist and will be in line… Check it

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