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So lately I’ve been pretty quiet. I’m not even certain anyone still watches my site for updates. However ImCoKeMaN pinged me the other day about it so I figured I’d post an update! Lately all my time dissapears to an almost 2 year old and a 5 year old. However I have found time to tinker with’s Openpilot code. For those uninformed this is Goerge Hotz’s project to make self driving cars possible.

Initial assessment: It’s AMAZINGLY good. Running it in my Lexus RX Hybrid. It’s easily on par with the best available. The only catch is you have to tinker/tune it for your cars yourself. Granted for a guy such as myself that’s a non starter. But for others it could prove more difficult.

In general your car needs to support LKAS (Lane keep assist) and ACC (Adaptive cruise control). Most newer Honda and Toyota vehicles seem to include these standard and potentially other OEM’s also. In my case the camera in a Lexus RX needed to be closes to the driver than expected in the little cars they tested in. As a result the camera_offset needed to be adjusted to compensate and keep the car centered in the lane. After doing that it runs great and for the most part feels like the car is on rails. Amazingly better than the OEM LKAS. Longitudinal control is arguably about the same. For now. Future enhancements seem to promise vast changes on that however.

More to come.

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