Windows Tablets – Terrible?!

So I finally picked up a Windows tablet to try one out. I refused to even consider a RT device as what good is a windows computer that can’t run backwards compatible windows applications without source to port to a new cpu!? As a result I got a Acer W510 32gb tablet with Windows 8 full version. I can’t fault the hardware, the tablet is decent and runs quite quickly.

The software however is another story. Yes it’s true, this is a real windows computer that can essentially run any windows app ever. However the tablet functionality is horrid at best. Even with the start menu and windows tablet native apps it’s just a horrible experience compared to any other tablet I’ve ever used. I have to honestly wonder, did Microsoft developers on this project ever actually USE a iPad or Android tablet? The usefulness is just terrible. From buggy and glitchy software scrolling to almost nagging procedures needed to accomplish basic tasks for a tablet this is just less useful as a tablet while being more useful as a notebook. If only it had a keyboard. Essentially I would rate this as a excellent travel computer if you plan to use a dock and keyboard and mouse. If you need a tablet, look elsewhere and you’ll be much happier.

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