Xoom Xoom Xoom…..

lol boy do i crack myself up with that title. Ok now that we know i wasn’t destine to be a comedian lets talk about the Motorola xoom. After trying to resist getting one, shadowmite had talked me into it. I now have yet another 2 year agreement with verizon (that makes 5) and $653.25  missing from my wallet. In exchange for this I own Motorola’s latest creation the Xoom tablet.

The first thing i notice is the size (I’m coming from a galaxy tablet) its a bit large for an everyday on the go device. For those of you that are ipad users, you should be fine as pie with the size.

The very next thing you notice, one you figure out how to turn it on (the button is oddly placed on the back), is how interested and neat the new honeycomb 3.0 is. The interface is amazing and i feel they did an excellent job with it for a first run as a tablet OS.

The device is very snappy and browsing speeds are excellent on both wifi and 3G. I had virtually no lag so far while multitasking heavily and moving quickly between applications.

Another point I feel is worth mentioning is how well most of my applications run on the new OS without being optimized for tablet use. I must say compared to when i did my iphone to ipad comparison the android phone to android tablet transition seems to be working out better.

Motorola… THANK YOU, you finally get it! The xoom’s bootloader can be opened with a quick and easy fastboot. Motorola has also announced they won’t void LTE upgrades due to rooting. It appears they are becoming hacker and community friendly as this can be a big help when competing against HTC as well as others. I just hope they bring this new found love to their smartphone side.

Overall i must say I’m impressed. The price point is a bit high considering the other 800lb gorilla in the room. However, if we stop and think what an unsubsidized phone costs its really not bad. My only gripe in pricing is that I should have got more of a savings for signing my life away for another two years, but i knew that going in.

So what’s everyone’s thoughts?

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