Move over mickey papillon..this junkie is checkin’ into some rehab

As some of those close to the shadowmite team know, I am a complete disaster when it comes to phones and mobile gadgets :P. I know it has been a while since my last posting, the matrix done stole me again! Well let me fill you in on this year’s insanity so far. Well first I impulse moved to NYC, and thankfully found a job within a week *whewww*, that could have been scary. I started the the year with a droid pro (how i got that one is great story, ill post it next) which is a good phone expect then i decided i missed a larger higher resolution screen so i ventured back to a droid x obtained from craigslist. A few weeks later i decided to get another phone for one of my additional lines because I wanted one of them to have a NYC area code. Venturing off to New Jersey one day i found a Blackberry 9650 on craigslist for a fair price so i picked it up.

Now with the announcement of the verizon iphone ofcourse i had i try one. So i canceled the at&t line i had gotten a week prior yea 🙁 i’m a mess.) So i went searching and scored a 16gb vzw iphone. Same ole thing except you can make a call on it :P.

Thinking i had paid a bit much for the 16gb iphone i went seeking to cut some of my loss or atleast get a better deal. I ended up ebaying the 16gb after getting a great deal on a 32gb off someone locally.

So currently i am using my jailbroken iphone 4 on verizon while i await the thunderbolt 🙂 dying to try out LTE tethering!

This short story is not even the half of it when it comes to my complete and utter phone addiction but i’d like to blog about it going forward, the therapist says its a good exercise.

PS: Mickey, your show is great! everyone check out

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2 Responses to “Move over mickey papillon..this junkie is checkin’ into some rehab”

  • Thanks for the shout out, good luck with your wait for the TB! By the way, LTE is AMAZING. You’ll never leave it once you try it.

  • ihtc says:

    Yes i can’t wait! First android LTE handset i can get my hands on will be mine for at least… a week! I hope i can keep my unlimited data for LTE, i don’t abuse it just don’t need to worry. I wouldn’t even mind if they capped it but kept my current plan (I got in on the sprint like plan trial they did so my data is essentially $10) and capped me at 3GB or so. What do you think will see in the future on tiers from vzw something similar to the current tablet structure? I know you and joey have discussed this but there’s always room for more speculation!