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I’ve considered getting a mendel or makerbot for quite some time and back in October finally made the jump and paid over $1,100 for a complete mendel kit from Of course at the time he had listed that it would be around a 5-6 week wait for printed parts. Little did I know…

Problems that I’ve found so far since receiving the parts:
1. Power supply is European, not American despite a American shipping address.
2. Missing the 10mm length M3 bolt for mounting the motors.
3. Missing the PEEK Block for the extruder. (Will update both of these if I get them) (Update: Camiel says he has shipped my PEEK Block on 12/31, waiting…) (Received 2/11/11!!!)
4. Some prints of very disturbingly low quality were sent missing structural bits of plastic.
5. Z-Drive pulley’s have a raft on them which doesn’t appear will cleanly seperate without potential risk. Standard parts should have been 2 drive pulleys and 4 plastic washers. Considering drilling them and using as is? (zdrive pulley)
6. Z-Axis end bar clamps are thinner (around half the size) then the standard parts and will be much more likely to break.

Problems while waiting:
1. Almost impossible to communicate with the owner (Camiel) as emails go unanswered for weeks to months.
2. Shipping approximation time completely off by over a month. Promise times quoted on IRC/email were also off with the factual time ending up taking 2 months and 3 days (64 days total).

Long story short I’d have to say at this point the decreased stress to order from a one stop shop was completely ruined with problems. If I had this to do over I’d order from anyone but

As for the build, I’ve been going now for several days, I’ll take one picture of my progress everyday to post up until complete and add them to this post.

12/21 progress
12/22 progress
12/23 progress
12/24 progress
12/25 progress
12/26 progress
12/27 progress
12/28 progress
12/29 progress
12/30 progress
12/31 progress(Final update for a bit, all axis’s work and home position themselves properly. Need missing peek block to finish extruder and start squaring the device.)

Update: As of 1/13/11 I STILL don’t have the missing part from, and have ordered from another american source instead. I highly recommend finding other sources, as that shop is just not dependable or trust-able. With any luck I’ll have my printer finished completely by the end of the week or beginning of next week. Here is one final picture for now:
Almost Done!

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