DPRG tours Vex’s parent company Innovation First

Today as a member of the DPRG (Dallas personal robotics group) I got to go on a tour of Vex’s parent company Innovation First’s headquarters. Awhile back we helped them with the 2010 World Championship event here in Dallas.

They run a pretty impressive shop with their own prototyping machinery including the highest end 3D printer I’ve ever seen, metalworking machines including a 5000 watt laser cutter, and more. The products they make available for students/hobbyists are very much a professionally made version of exactly what we here spent months designing and building. Robot brains, parts, and kits. They make it easy to control and build and get to where software/procedural flow is your primary concern. In the near future I hope to get a robot built up and I’ll post more about it here at that time.

The Vexnet joystick is very much a product I was intending to create myself. I had no idea they had this available and already on the market. I had planned to create a auxillary board to the weegee which would have including a port for a xbee and be built into a xbox360 remote. Low and behold my surprise this already basically exists.

The Cortex processing unit I haven’t looked at much yet, but it seems to be a logical expansion to the processing power of the atmega I was starting to feel limited by.

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