Recovery Reflash tool

So we managed to get nand unlocked using some special magic and have written up a little recovery reflash tool for the evo, incredible, and desire (if they help us test it) and should be releasing soon.


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3 Responses to “Recovery Reflash tool”

  • adam says:

    so, i am a big fan of yours shadowmite -thanks for all the useful work!!! ok, quick question b/c i am a bit of a noob. at xda i keep hearing all this stuff about using toasts method: part 1 and 2…but it seems now you will have Nand ulocking as well. Is there anything that i won’t be able to do with this method that i can do with toasts root?

  • Jvward says:

    Any chance your root method will work with some of us Eris users >.< I a large portion of us on the XDA boards are preying it does 🙂

  • khol91 says:

    Unfortunately after I tested it, this doesn’t work as-is for Eris users with Hboot 1.49 S-ON. Maybe the dev would be kind enough to look into something that everybody else has failed at, but I’m not holding my breath. I would SINCERELY appreciate any efforts made towards rooting the Eris, as I’m sure thousands of others would too of course, any help that can be provided would be great.