evo june 4th date.. $10 data premium?!?!

So as you may have heard sprint will launch the evo june 4th which is a friday. I was considering a sprint account to have a spare line but a $10 premium when I’m not even in a 4g market??? Screw that ill keep incredible even if I was in 4g market well then maybe :). What are your thoughts ?

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3 Responses to “evo june 4th date.. $10 data premium?!?!”

  • Tony Rayo says:

    Hey I’m currently a Sprint user in a 4G/WiMAX area and I am still going in on Monday to pick up the HTC Incredible from VWZ (I figure the few times I’m not near a decent connection I can tap into I can deal with regular ol’ 3G, I don’t need Sprint raising the price on me out of the blue – as they have been known to do x.x). BTW I caught your link on XDA, my nick is DeeBG if you ever see me wandering around the HTC Incredible forums =p.

  • IPvFletch says:

    The Incredible is not quite incredible, but it is nice. The mobile hotspot is what is selling me on the EVO though. I have an Incredible (know the VZW shop owner) and am waiting on my EVO 4G, but that is from incredible too – anyways, I digress.

    I’m hoping to hack its HDMI out so the entire Android OS is displayed, not just video content. I have demos I have to do, Sprint; sorry but you cannot code fast enough for my needs.

    Anyways, good luck with your endeavors here – definitely interested in what you release, so we can spur some local root-enabled apps for a change. Sure I can get Dell to fix stuff for me in their upcoming tablets, but why wait! xD

  • DJX says:

    I’ve had the HTC Incredible since launch. Verizon’s network is amazing. I just switched from ATT. I was able to listen to Pandora over 3G while driving from Jackson Mississippi to deep in Florida. Never lost the connection! Constant streaming and no hiccups. I seriously doubt any other carrier can pull that off.