I’m back after some phone rehab wordpressing on iPad

Ok so I was away in phone rehab , actually silly job got in the way of things but I am here again blogging this time from my iPad. I have a love hate relationship with my iPad it’s rawly neat and somewhat useful. While with backgrounder (jail broken) I can have irc running and bang out emails and do my surfing with little interruption. I have also been learning to type fairly quickly on landscape mode. This brings me to my issue with the iPad , you always need to find a good way to sit with it. Now laying on a table is fine due to the great viewing angels adbd on the couch I need dot basically sit Indian style as propped up onto my knees method didn’t work out to well, right now I’m actually on the couch Indian style but with iPad in front of me on the reclining section of the couch. All in all I won’t be flipping this iPad I will hold onto it and grab a webs tAblet in the future . HP please don’t ruin webos leave the palm guys at it just give them your money 🙂 . I have a hidden love for palm and a bit of fanboyism after all they got me started into smart phones, though before that I was. Regular phone whore.

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