today’s work

Well I can now confirm that exploit is not going to work. HTC didn’t implement the normal patch, but they did properly close down on the memory space we can access with that hole thus making is pretty irrelevant. While there could be a way around this, it’s beyond me. What I did start looking into however is a potential buffer overflow in a different root process. Problem is, I need someone good at ARM shellcode to help write up a snipit that will copy sh to su etc. I believe I have found a buffer I can exploit, I need to play with where I get to dump executable code to from it and figure out how/if I can jump to it. More to come, not sure when though, this will slow me down until I get some help. I’ve asked in #android-root to see if anyone can help but have had no responses yet.

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3 Responses to “today’s work”

  • mike says:

    Go to #droideris and look for a guy named zanfur he wrote the shell code for the tattoo root, he should be able to help ya out.

  • coalesce says:

    and in talking to zanfur you will gain 480 EXP and 45 gold. You will also be rewarded with a flying mount.

    couldn’t resist.

  • Mike says:

    I let zanfur know you might be stopping by, just so he does not get cought off gard. I hope he can help you out.