Another update, another exploit

So it now appears I can execute SOME code, and I’m working to enlarge the hole now and pry our way in. I still have faith this exploit should work for us! I should note it doesn’t appear the update affects the kernel so you should be safe to take it. Furthermore the RUU’s from a few posts back should be capable of restoring the device to a factory condition so I wouldn’t worry about it…

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3 Responses to “Another update, another exploit”

  • MIke says:

    Hey that ruu will not work, as its a older verision and downgrading has been disabled via the bootloader. Just thought i would let you know but keep up the good work

  • shadowmite says:

    Ick, thanks for the info! It’s bad news… But good to know.

  • Mike says:

    Yea HTC has really steped up there game, even once we get a root prompt, there will be more hoops to jump through, as I have heard there may be some hardware locks set in place. But getting the root promt is the first step, I also have been working in getting either a test signed image or the most current ruu so we have something to fall back on.