New robotics project

So I have been planning to build another robot but I’m at a stand-still to decide what I should build. Ideas I’m tossing around are:

1. A upright bot capable of real work around the house etc. Possibly a tracked robot like J5 or a wheeled bot as long as the wheel system is big enough to not get caught on simple things. The goal of this would be to do things such as bring me a soda from the fridge, refil my cup, etc. potentially having far more future capabilities considering the complexity behind this kind of design. Not to mention it would in general “feel” like a real robot presentable to people.

2. A quadcopter. This was my original want from many years ago before they became so big. However in light of them getting as big as they have, I’m less interested. I don’t want to do what everyone else does. As such if I do one, I’m thinking of either a ultra miniture made for around the house only, or a massive one capable of lifting large payloads. Say either 50 lbs or up to 400 lbs. The smaller being to carry whatever smaller gear, the larger being a manned vehicle attempt with automated stability control. Granted this might qualify me for a darwin award if it goes badly with the infamous last texas words, “Hey guys, watch this!”

What do you all think? Which way should I go?

Also a note that I have WAY too many Weegee boards built from my rover robot build. If anyone is interested in a 1.0 or 1.1 let me know, I’d most likely want out what I put in in parts only.

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