Palm’s sad situation and insane optimistic ideas

I’ll load up a picture from the Vex championship later, but wanted to give a bit of a rant on Palm’s state. It’s pretty sad to say that the company which practically invented smartdevices for all practical purposes has fallen to the level they have. They started out so great, and through the process of cutting small things here and there that they figured “didn’t matter” they have lost everything. When the going got tuff and they FINALLY saw what they had become, they finally develop Web OS, a new and great OS again. What do they do with it? From the sounds of it, the same thing they did with Palm OS. They will ride it crashing and burning into the dust without any regard for what it could have been.

This isn’t the sort of thing we should be reading…

Palm, if you’re reading this, your most die-hard fans would REALLY like to see you offer a reasonable sale to HTC. They are the ONLY buyer which could truly bring what you all lack. From the press releases it sounds as if you ran them off not wanting a deal. You should be BEGGING them to come in.

HTC, you all are incredible. Your devices are arguably the best in the world. What you lack is a OS of your own and the patents to truely be a king in the market standing by yourselves. Palm couldn’t complete you better if someone custom fit a jigsaw puzzle to fit! Most of us would really like to see you all find a way to work this out. Stay in talks!

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One Response to “Palm’s sad situation and insane optimistic ideas”

  • ihtc says:

    i couldn’t agree more. HTC could have webos as its own and truly make a great smartphone with the proper hardware and software integration. With control of the hardware and software you bet your but apple would be in trouble when HTC has what they have hardware/software control. Although they would need to steal some of apple’s marketing guys to get as many non-geek buyers as apple has..