Paying ETF’s and justifying them by phones!

So it appears I too fit into a new trend of geeks whereas we somehow justify paying a ETF fee on carriers in order to switch just to have some other new piece of tech early on. Is this the price we pay to be early adopters? Or is it a addiction?

Perhaps Verizon’s $350 etf on “advanced devices” will enable more of us to stay put. Perhaps not, and if so, they most likely are banking on the fact people will still pay it. I personally am pretty amazed carriers haven’t begun to offer to pay ETF fees to get you to switch to them instead of the phone subsidy pricing. Albeit technically the same thing, I think a lot more people could stomach the need to swap all the time paying full price for a handset if they knew the new carrier would pay the ETF fee directly to the old carrier for them.

So while I’m on the subject, I guess I too most likely will have a ETF here, I just preordered myself a Incredible…

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