Shadowmite taking Steve’s side

So after thinking about it for quite some time I figured I should post a entry about my views on Adobe/Flash and Apple. While I agree Flash is certainly “The Tech to have” currently, it only is because they got to this point first and pushed/marketed it quite well.

That said, HTML5 is of course the true standard to have now. A true open standard is always better and it certainly will most likely be the fact at some point in the future. If apple didn’t take a stand against flash could it last longer? Sure. However eventually somehow a open standard will get created that offers a better way to do things, and it will get pushed and used and flash will become obsolete. Apple is just the first high enough profile company to take this stand that we notice it.

I personally need to learn HTML5 etc myself so that I can have a chance to try and catch up with the world of the web I haven’t had time for. However there are always too many projects.

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One Response to “Shadowmite taking Steve’s side”

  • ihtc says:

    yea at first i was saying no flash blah blah sucks, but not just flash all adobe stuff seems to require a super computer not to lag!