Would you like to make that a large for a quarter more?

Ok so lets face it i have turned into somewhat of an apple fanboy until I get angry with them in a few months and sell all my apple gear again, then rinse, repeat. Now i am a little annoyed at them with their storage pricing, like the iphone why wouldn’t i double my space for $100 more when i got my 3GS, i did. (except right now I’m on 16gb 3gs..explain later). The same thing happened when it came down to the ipad. I was going to get the 16gb then decided well im spending $500 so for $100 more i DOUBLE my space, then i decided well $100 more and i get double again!, i decided to stick with 32gb since i would most likely sell it to get a 3G one. OK so yes thats what i have done i have listed my 32GB wifi for sale and pre-ordered a 64GB 3G. I am having a bit of buyers remorse and I will tell you why. I feel i got sucked in to the movie theater popcorn effect of double your size for a quarter more… then hey im at $729 for a 32gb 3g why not get 64 for $100 more. Now i will never NEED 64gb of space while away from  a full computer, its just sheer laziness to want to sync the most i can. Lets say i go with a 16gb ipad + 3g I can most certainly be ok away from home, the only issue is deciding which playlists/songs to sync, which video to bring with me. Now with the 3G model i can have orb running at home and essentially stream anything i didn’t bring with me. The problem exists in the even lets say i wanted to change up some of the playlists over the air and download the content, IE: and Itunes that syncs OTA! The reason i could need something like this is at the airport before getting on a plane i could download what i wanted from home for that flight. On an ipad i actually think storage is less important then my iphone, reason being iphone is always with me i don’t use the ipad every day outside the house like i do on the iphone. I goto the gym with iphone, ride my bike, etc and i want my content with me. Now i am basically full on my 16gb 3gs iphone that i bought simply being a cheap as*, but i have plently of content for any given time and also 2GB is my navigon. The point is i believe i should cancel my 64gb 3G ipad and just go for 16gb with 3g and make sure for the next iphone to get the most storage, honestly i haven’t played music with the ipad except to try out the player, movies i can put 2-3 movies on before a flight to keep busy because of the nice screen and I can use my iphone if i feel like napping with some tunes, with a 2 second delay swapping my headphones. So so the next iphone i will get the largest, but as far as the ipad what should i do? /end ADD rant 🙂 comment with your advice! polls aren’t up yet 🙁

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One Response to “Would you like to make that a large for a quarter more?”

  • shadowmite says:

    Wow, let’s see. You’re insane? And have some serious techno-geek addictions man! Regardless, I personally went 16gb on the iPad. It’s plenty for my needs, I figure I can easily take a few movies and a hundred albums of music with me. There is no need to sync my entire library to a device which is not meant to be my “fulltime” machine. The pricing on the additional memory amounts is designed to rip you off. That’s the big money maker for them indeed.