Hello all! My name is Evan aka iHTC. I will be actively writing on in my usual twisted way :). Those that know me know i am a nut and change my tech more then undershirts! I have hopped carriers one a bi-monthly basis if not sooner, tried every north american phone available, and I don’t think I have kept a laptop more then 3 months. To sum it up when you want to define “technology addict” just point to me, heck I’d rather get a new piece of tech then spend money on food if it came down to it. So please follow us, comment on us, and join the party. You may be asking yourself why should you follow another blog, as there are major sites like Engadget around. I must say that is a valid question, we feel we have a nice real take on things, ¬†we do not exist because of advertisers (though you are welcome advertisers, hint hint, we just need help to support buying gear not profit), once we get up and going there will be giveaways, you will have knowledge from real device hackers from deep in the mobile hacking world providing advice, news, etc.

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