HP DM3T running WinXP

I finally did it, I got my DM3T laptop running Windows XP entirely with all drivers working (well, except for the Driveguard bit). The big things to know:

Start with Windows XP SP2 (NOT SP3!!!!). Slipstream the intel ich9m sata drivers into the install media. Once running, install the microsoft uaa patch. then start with the drivers. I can most likely put them up via rapidshare or something if you ask nicely… Just email/pm me.

As Kocoman pointed out before I moved my server and lost the comment: This is mainly a useful downgrade for hackers as the newer versions of windows are simply “not hacker friendly”. While they work, most drivers were for winxp, and will not likely be ported in the near future to new versions of windows as these drivers have no actual commercial value. In addition new versions of windows have driver signature checking which is damn right annoying. Yes it’s possible to get around that, but winxp was truely a great product and works very well.

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One Response to “HP DM3T running WinXP”

  • Raven Varien says:

    I’m impressed! I’ve been at this for three days and i’ve got nothing haha! Can you help me out? =]