What is a Robot?

With all the arduino crap on the net these days and people going crazy about thinking they have a “robot” I wanted to clear the air about what a robot is around here. If you have to control it, or tell it what to do 100% of the time, it IS NOT A ROBOT! Simple. It’s pathetic how remote controlled toys are now being considered a robot. call it remote control if thats what it is. That said, my design is both. I can control it, I see it’s sensor readings and make decisions about what it should do. That’s remote controlled. When I place it in automatic mode and the avr controls it based on my programming and keeps it out of trouble while actually doing things, that is what makes it a robot!

I don’t hate the arduino crowd, but they surely need to step up and realize what it is they are playing with. I designed the weegee with little help and no experience in robotics beyond playing with a handyboard briefly in interactive c. I suppose you could say that’s the equivalent of going from the arduino to a standalone platform. Getting in control of the board without the libraries which take all the learning out of it will bring you a lot further a lot faster. That said, I need to get back to writing some edge detection algorithms tonight for my robot… 🙂 I like seeing libraries, but in the end I want to code my own solutions otherwise I learn nothing.

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