Sprint HTC Touch Pro

The Sprint HTC Touch Pro is finally upon us. The wait has been over a year for those of us in the know. As of this past week there was certainly some entertaining news at ppcgeeks with a user (criticalaudioinc) claiming to work at a repair facility being contracted by HTC. While nothing is certain, I certainly believe that the options are that:

A) He is in fact a manager who cant spell or type or reason rationally

or B) He was just lying about what he thought he could sticking to the rumored details of release.

Regardless he stated on the night of 23rd the phones where “shipped” yet best buy goofed on their “street date” launch of the 26th and started selling on the 24th. So think what you will for that guy (did I mention he claims his tech “swapped a radio board from a cdma diamond to a gsm touch hd”?).

The phone regardless of the schenanagans to it’s launch is amazing. It is the first phone to finally fulfill every tech desire I have had. Including VGA screen, wifi, bluetooth, accelerometer, stylus sensor, capactive sensors, 5 row fold out keyboard… More to come in updates, Depending on the speed at which others get to this device will determine my level of involvment in the inital hacks.

For now I leave you with the best advise, if you want one, sign up for best buy rewardzone (free), get the 20% off statement on the website printed, go to the store and get one for $255 after tax! Only valid till 11/1 however.

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