WEEGEE 1.0 Test boards are awesome…

So a little bit back spymongoose, eeprom7777 and myself received our first prototype WEEGEE 1.0 PCB’s and we of course went nuts getting them together quickly. It’s actually a little disturbing how quickly we found a few things here and there we want changed. Needless to say, we’ve moved our design up to WEEGEE 1.1 now although nothing has been ordered for production yet. We need your input! If you want a WEEGEE board or are interested in what they can do, please head over to the WEEGEE forum and talk with us!

I’m putting up a huge picture of a prototype here, link only, modem users beware, this is a big picture.


The current changes we are making include a extra serial port, twice as much program memory/ram, and some extra options. Also we’ve reduced the size a bit as seeing it in person we were able to find the areas that could be reduced without effecting the design much.

For the WEEGEE 1.1 (our first hopeful production release) we are also going to be including a SD Daughterboard option to open up the possibilities for a few things. Namely we intend that extra serial port to go to a camera in the near future, and the sd card to be for mass storage of pictures or mapping data. The other possible use is if we write a simple interpretter of some kind our board will suddenly have the ability to have 2 gigs and up in program and memory space!

As for functionality of the 1.0 units, they have proven our design works, the H-Bridges are absolutely amazing and allow motors that were never an option with any of the other boards out there with built in motor drivers. I have recently finished adapting code to allow over the air firmware flashing for the mcu making this a truely sweet project.


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