Updates have been pretty slim, sorry…

I’ve been pretty busy with my job lately since becoming a real paid developer. Also I’ve found having a wife to take a lot more time than having a girlfriend. So again, sorry about the delay in updates and I’m trying to get a more “scheduled” routine down.

Biggest thing lately is I just upgraded my sz650n laptop with a 320gb sata drive out of the WD Passport external. Newegg had a amazing deal for $50 cheaper than the drive costs alone! Works great in the laptop, copying it over required a desktop and linking both drives to the sata interface and using the dd command to image the new one.

I’ve recently purchased a new server for the site and will plan to put that up as soon as I find a decent priced colo company in the DFW area. So far they appear to range from $50 a month and up for very little bandwith, which is a little crazy considering the cheap dedicated places out there offer more bandwith and a dedicated machine for less. Providing the machine yourself should cost less (provided it’s a 1u rack mount etc). Any suggestions let me know.

The 6800 has most users now know is fully GPS enabled now after a leaked rom contained the special radio to enable that part of the communications core processor. The driver goes through a custom version of the GPSID from microsoft which needless to say causes some issues with applications failing to open the port properly. The actual hardware is GPIO controlled it appears, gpd0 being the gpsid control port. More to come…

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2 Responses to “Updates have been pretty slim, sorry…”

  • Securus says:

    Yeah I was so glad when the leaked rom came out. I’ll admit it has tweaks with running correctly but google maps has no problem with it. If you start up the gps from Google maps first, TomTom has no problem using it.

  • Don Donson says:

    Congrats Shadowmite on getting married! I wish you the best!