U3 USB Drive Hacking

So about now most of you might know about U3 usb drives, if not do a wiki search and get up to speed! Basically they are a normal USB drive which has some special software loaded in up to the first 6mb that emulates a cdrom drive and thus bypasses windows autorun restrictions on USB drives. Now of course all sorts of hacking has been done with this already, USB Hacksaw is one project as a result. We here are more interested in how this functionality comes about. Are they taking advantage of how windows reads these drives? How is it they can remove and reinstall this virtual cdrom? Is it something that actually requires firmware? Or can we hack any usb drive into doing the same thing?

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One Response to “U3 USB Drive Hacking”

  • GuidoZ says:

    I’ve been playing with autoruns and flash drives since before U3 drives were even available. I still have some of the original UD-RW drives from Hagiwara lying around. (Test models, 1GB each with a resizable U3-like partition.) I’ve used them for years to show why physical security is just as important as network security.

    You can read more about my findings and creations here: http://www.GuidoZ.com/U3/

    Peace. ~G