Rosen Navigation systems

So for the Toyota Highlander I bought a few months back my wife wanted a navigation system. We agreed that OEM would be best but toyota pretty much doesn’t even offer the stereo as a supported upgrade once a car is delivered and piecing together a system was going to cost me over $3000 it […]

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Zulebot posted at lynxmotion forum

So I finally got it working far enough that I posted about my robot at lynxmotion’s forum. Take a look here: Next I need to finish up my new robotics site,, and get some custom hardware up and available for others!

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HP DM3T running WinXP

I finally did it, I got my DM3T laptop running Windows XP entirely with all drivers working (well, except for the Driveguard bit). The big things to know: Start with Windows XP SP2 (NOT SP3!!!!). Slipstream the intel ich9m sata drivers into the install media. Once running, install the microsoft uaa patch. then start with […]

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What is a Robot?

With all the arduino crap on the net these days and people going crazy about thinking they have a “robot” I wanted to clear the air about what a robot is around here. If you have to control it, or tell it what to do 100% of the time, it IS NOT A ROBOT! Simple. […]

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Robot Progress

So lately I’ve been working on the robot quite a lot again (might have something to do with getting a Pelican 1550 case for Christmas!) and in the process I have gotten: full picture capability from the c328r module full control of all sensors (other than the 3-axis for now) motor encoders are working and […]

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Updates have been pretty slim, sorry…

I’ve been pretty busy with my job lately since becoming a real paid developer. Also I’ve found having a wife to take a lot more time than having a girlfriend. So again, sorry about the delay in updates and I’m trying to get a more “scheduled” routine down. Biggest thing lately is I just upgraded […]

U3 USB Drive Hacking

So about now most of you might know about U3 usb drives, if not do a wiki search and get up to speed! Basically they are a normal USB drive which has some special software loaded in up to the first 6mb that emulates a cdrom drive and thus bypasses windows autorun restrictions on USB […]

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Most people have at one point or another seen my experiment in the ppc-6700’s antenna and chopping it off: The new little antenna’s from however are quite a decent comparison. What I actually did what to take the plastic sticker piece out of the factory antenna and make it fit in the back […]

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lazy sunday fun

ive been testing my skills at and having a blast. I dont have any training with javascript or php, and my HTML skills are really getting rusty, but I’m having fun and getting through the levels anyhow. Give it a shot, it certainly has made this lazy sunday fun!

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What to do next?

Recently a few of us got together (for a wedding) and threw some ideas around for what to hack next, or more specifically, what we could do to look cool at next years defcon. We have a few passable ideas, a few ideas that may or may not pan out, and some that were dead […]

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