Xoom Xoom Xoom…..

lol boy do i crack myself up with that title. Ok now that we know i wasn’t destine to be a comedian lets talk about the Motorola xoom. After trying to resist getting one, shadowmite had talked me into it. I now have yet another 2 year agreement with verizon (that makes 5) and $653.25  […]

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Move over mickey papillon..this junkie is checkin’ into some rehab

As some of those close to the shadowmite team know, I am a complete disaster when it comes to phones and mobile gadgets :P. I know it has been a while since my last posting, the matrix done stole me again! Well let me fill you in on this year’s insanity so far. Well first […]

T minus 41 minuted

I’m waiting outside best buy to pick up my incredible first only one other person here but I need to get setup then head to work

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MiFI 2732 on the way

So I bit the bullet and ordered a novatel mifi 2732 unlocked. Basically a mifi as you all know it but for GSM and north american 3G. Hopefully it arrives soon as I’m dying to play with it. Shpuld be nice for road trips when I can pop my berry sim into it and share […]

wordpress on the berry

Well I’m wordpressing from my 9700 data only blackberry that mind you I may trade for an iphone lol. So far this is my first post and hopefully it works out well. This isn’t my first 9700 berry not a bad devicer but the large original bolds keyboard was my favorite to date

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Shadowmite.com BORN AGAIN!

Hello all! My name is Evan aka iHTC. I will be actively writing on shadowmite.com in my usual twisted way :). Those that know me know i am a nut and change my tech more then undershirts! I have hopped carriers one a bi-monthly basis if not sooner, tried every north american phone available, and […]

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Android port started

So last night I got around to setting up my development enviroment again and built a kernel based on the gsm raphael’s progress so far. haret loads into ram and completes the jump, it’s unknown where we hang as is. Everything need to be done still! More to come, though I’m sure for started I […]

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CDMA Touch Pro android port

So it appears no one has started a cdma android port yet. I will be beginning this myself as of saturday (possibly starting a bit after work tomorrow!). So if anyone has been looking at this themselves yet please contact me (irc.freenode.net:#shadowmite) and we’ll work on it together… Same network #htc-linux is pretty active as […]

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Sprint HTC Touch Pro

The Sprint HTC Touch Pro is finally upon us. The wait has been over a year for those of us in the know. As of this past week there was certainly some entertaining news at ppcgeeks with a user (criticalaudioinc) claiming to work at a repair facility being contracted by HTC. While nothing is certain, […]

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Treo 800 Prototype picture

Someone stopped into our chat room today with this to show us: Its a CDMA WM Treo 800, but according to our source in the Ukraine it is also known as the Palm Zeppelin.  More details will follow, as we are unsure of the pixel count on the screen as well as several other important […]

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