prostituée par mon patron

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New devices, oh my…

With the release of the HTC made G2 device, we see a new design in security by HTC. Rest assured people are looking into it, many people. Most of our team are CDMA users so we don’t own them personally. The talk of a rootkit blocking/restoring the filesystem after changes are made is just dumb. […]

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What’s been happening

Since the last post our team, Unrevoked, has managed to go through about 4 different manors in which to execute our exploit in order to find a safe and reliable way to accomplish the hack without giving away what we are doing. In the end, we released a payload that manages to S_OFF the […]

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Recovery reflash is out…

Well we released the tool here, and already today we are adding a new device to support, the HTC Aria. Again rooted via the same recovery adbd race they too can benefit from a easy way to get back in to flash roms at will. We will be adding a FAQ to the unrevoked site […]

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Recovery Reflash tool

So we managed to get nand unlocked using some special magic and have written up a little recovery reflash tool for the evo, incredible, and desire (if they help us test it) and should be releasing soon.

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Incredible root!

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Evo root:

Check out our team’s release site:

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Slow and steady

We are slowly progressing through all possibilities on the incredible root process. It’s just pretty decently well done, no simple mistakes we could take advantage of like the evo. A kernel exploit may prove to be the only way here, and we do have progress toward that end, but would like to find another way […]

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Evo rooted, incredible still awaits

So as most of you know the evo root has been found. No I’m not going to disclose anything until the device is released or others from the team feel it’s time and release first. Basically we were working on a universal root method and got extremely luck with the Evo having a nice entry […]

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Android rooting status

Ok, so I haven’t updated on this in a while and figured I should. The exploit I was going after apparently didn’t exist, I missed the check which rendered that attack useless. The next attack is the fastboot vector mentions elsewhere on the web the last several days. However so far I don’t see where […]

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