Lenovo Q100 memory upgrade

So over the weekend I finally got around to looking at upgrading my Lenovo Q100 nettop. Yea, it’s a old little tiny computer with not a whole lotta power and a trashy GPU. But it’s a excellent extremely low power server to run 24×7 and only for only 105kwh a year, or about $10! Regardless Lenovo claims it can’t have a memory upgrade but since I’ve had it running over a year it was time to clean out the dust and prep it for another couple years. I popped the case and there IS a socketed ddr2-667 (pc5300) SO-DIMM slot. Tossed in a 2gb chip for now, maybe in the future I’ll try a 4gb just to see if bios will take it.

Q100 Internals

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3 Responses to “Lenovo Q100 memory upgrade”

  • Crystal Jackson says:

    I want to do the same, and I ordered a 2GB memory card. But – I can’t seem to open the Q100. How did you do it? I removed the six screws I found, but it seems to be stuck along one side and I don’t want to force it and break it. It’s been a fine little computer, bought it new in 2009. I’d hate to permanently destroy it by trying to open it to upgrade it! How did you “pop the case?”

    The specs say the max RAM is 2GB so it should be upgradable.


  • Crystal Jackson says:

    Never mind… worked great. I just had to have the patience to open it carefully.

    The coolest thing about this little computer is that you can use a bracket to fasten it to the back of a monitor, and bam you have an all-in-one.

  • Shadowmite says:

    I’ve been considering the next step for this poor old machine after another 2 years here and read the spec on the SiS672 chipset it uses. They CLAIM it can support 4gb/s, so I might just give it a shot in the near future. I also ordered a Samsung 840 Pro 256gb ssd for it to speed up disk access times.